Pricelist airsoft


Experience a good dose of adrenaline when playing airsoft.

18 €
15 €
180 minutes of game
  • 400 balls included
  • Airsoft gun
  • Thermal glass mask
  • Military overall
  • Protective vest
  • Insturctor

Airsoft rent

Play with your own equipment

33 €
60 minutes of game
  • Premises rental
  • Instructor
  • Price for rent of premises/hour/group
  • Price is valid for exclusive purchases of balls and drinks from Propaintball
Extra ammo
5€ / 200 pcs.
Minimum players
8 players
Field rent
3 hours
Organizer discount
50% discount

Detailed price list

General price list for those, who want to create their own package


Ballistic goggles, protective helmet, grille, scarf, military overalls, gloves, waistcoat, AK47 gun.


Quality airsoft balls. Minimum subscription of 400 beads / person.

4€ / 200 pcs.


Jockstrap 1,0 €
Knee pads 2,0 €
Shoes 2,0 €
Padded gloves 1,0 €
GoPro camera 30,0 €
USB 4,5 €


Birthday, bachelor party or corporate teambuilding? Not a problem!

Birthday party

Do you want to surprise someone? Organize an original birthday party!

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Bachelor party

Come and spend your last days of freedom with adrenaline and fun.

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Come to strengthen your relationship with colleagues or finally to shoot your boss.

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Food is crucial part of every event. Please, order at least 24 in advance.

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