Types of games

You can choose from the traditional matches, or you can come up with your own.

Death Match

Death match starts after the players are divided into two equal groups. The aim of death match
is to knock out all of the players of the opposing team.

Game duration

5-15 minutes – it all depends how courageous you are to fight

Bomb Defuse

Players divide themselves into two groups. Players on the terrorist team are tasked to secure
the bomb and ensure it blows. SWAT players are tasked to defuse the bomb.

Game duration

3-5 minutes – The specific game length will be agreed beforehand. It is usually between 3 and
5 minutes

Capture the flag

Players are split into two equal groups and a flag is posted in the middle of the field. Both
teams compete in retrieving the flag to their starting point.

Game duration

10-20 minutes – It depends how many players each team has

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