Paintball is a sport that is full of tension, adrenaline, and fun. It reveals what is in you.

An adrenalin sport for everyone

Enough of computer games and action movies. Come and feel what real adrenalin is.

A true test of courage and team work

March to the battlefield! Bring your friends and colleagues and test your unit cohesion.

Rules of the game

Players are split into two groups and placed on opposite sides of the battlefield. After sounding the start of the match, both teams will go head to head against each other. Players that have been hit, will swiftly move to the safe zone where they will meet with the instructor. Within the boundaries of the safe zone, players will clean their mask, refill their hopper and prepare for the next game.

Weapons and Gear

We will gear you up from head to toe so you are prepared to fight

Don’t think, just come

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